Movies and shorts produced and directed by the SV Craft team of dana and Jib blouin. They are two Bangkok lovers who let their city be the muse for their passion of creating. 


Bangkok Ghost Tower

Explore the iconic Sathorn Unique a.k.a. The Bangkok Ghost Tower and how the 1997 Asian financial Crisis set events in motion that lead to this abandoned tower in the center of Bangkok.

Adventure Films

The Life of Sukhumvit

The re-edit of the vlogumentary version of The Life of Sukhumvit as an Adventure / Documentary film was submitted to numerous film festivals. 

Khao Yai National Park: Thailand's First

The re-edit of the volugmentary version of Khao Yai National Park: Thailand's First as a Travel Documentary / Adventure film was submitted to numerous film festivals 


The Life of Sukhumvit

Shot in a vlogumentary style, two friends set off to explore the full length of Bangkok's most famous road and find it stretches far beyond the city limits.  On their journey they experience life outside Bangkok and how Sukhumvit (RT 3) has shaped life for those along it's route. 
Directed by dana blouin 

The Street Art of Tha Chalom

This vlogumentary style video explores the Samut Sakon community of Tha Chalom, an area and explores its history as a home to early Chinese immigrants to Thailand, a hub for fishing and it's modern life as a living museum of street art.  

Amazing Robot Building of Bangkok

In the heart of Bangkok's financial district, tucked in between towering skyscrapers you will find a modern architecture masterpiece standing just 20 stories high. This Robot building, designed by Thai architect Sumet Jumsai is a whimsical landmark that is often overlooked.  

Journey To The Bangkok Sea

A little known fact about Bangkok is that a small sliver of the city actually extends all the way to the Gulf of Thailand. This little mangrove beach area is known as the Bangkok Sea. In this vlogumentary dana and his friend Sidd ride motorbikes across Bangkok and down to this hidden gem of Krung Thep. 

Khao Yai National Park | Thailand's First

Thailands oldest and arguably most popular national park, Khao Yai is only a few hours outside of Bangkok, and while the main part of the park is a common destination, the surrounding areas are less visited. In this vlogumentary dana teams up with frequent collaborators Chris and Adam Parker on a 4 day motorbike trip around the the park to explore it's hidden beauty and the communities on its outskirts. 

Saving Seymour 

Anyone who has been to Thailand has seen what are commonly referred to as soi dogs (street dogs). There are large communities that are committed to caring for and finding homes for these dogs. In this vlogumentary we take a journey south to Surat Thani to rescue one dog in particular, Seymour. Our friends Frank and Tik saw his story online and decided that he was the dog for them. 

Space Krapao Behind The Scenes

This video is a behind the scenes look at the RW4U Space Krapao video where Chris Parker and his team sent the first Thai food into space, achieved the record for the highest launch of any item into space from Thai soil and also the first ever recovered payload from Thailand. Chris and his team pulled off an amazing feat that gained national coverage, and hopefully inspired a few along the way.